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We do not offer refund or exchanges. Once item is purchased we are not responsible for how it fits, looks, etc.

We can only give our opinion on how the item will fit or look. That doesn't mean it will fit you that way. Most clothing runs a size bigger. Once items is purchased we will not be able to exchange it or refund it. We are also not responsible for how long a item takes to come in. Some items are made to order. Custom orders items may need to be order to complete the item. We have no control over how long delivery carriers will take to deliver those items once the items ship you must wait. WE WILL NOT EXCHANGE OR REFUND...




No. if you choose the cheaper shipping option please note it will take at least 2weeks to 2 1/2 weeks. As stated. We will not push rush order or standard shipping if that is not what you made for..


How do I return an item?


We do not accept returns or exchanges under any circumstances. If youre unsure please do not purchase. We only can give our opinion off our shopping experience. That doesnt not mean it will be the same for you.

If I choose ship to store option can you deliver?

We will deliver locally. Beaumont only. for a delivery fee

of $10 which must be paid before the item leaves the store.

How do I track my order?


Please wait at least one week before contacting us about orders. Most orders have to be custom made including clothing. so it can take anywhere from 4/7 days to ship out. Also if the item needs to be restocked. Once the item ships you will receive email with tracking. please check email before contacting us. If you havent received one it hasnt shipped. After a week if there will be a delay we will contact you.

How can I contact the owner?


If you have any questions about a online order you must become a member and contact us through the member site services. Email us. or call our store location during business hours. we will not respond via facebook or social network.


When do I pickup my items in the store?

You must pickup during business days and hours. we will not open up or stay open later for you to pickup. Any ordes not picked up within a week will be sent back and no refunds..